Why Some Cars have Smelly Exhaust Fumes?

What are the possible reasons that could go wrong for a car to have smelly exhaust fumes

Most cars have insignificant scent to their exhaust. It smells like, well, exhaust, however it’s not terribly strong. This is thanks in substantial part to the exhaust system. In any case, a few cars appear to have really smelly exhaust fumes because of various diverse reasons (contingent upon the odor being referred to).

Burning Oil

In the event that a motor is burning oil (because of leaking seals), then you’ll certainly see the car has really bad exhaust fumes. You may likewise see that it makes smoke from the tailpipe (pale blue in shading).

Failing Catalytic Converter

Ever been riding along and all of a sudden smell rotten eggs? If so, you’re behind (or next to) a car with a failing or failed catalytic converter. Sulfur is found in fuel, and is transformed into hydrogen sulfide in the ignition procedure. However, the exhaust system transforms it into sulfur dioxide, which has no smell. As the catalytic converter begins to fail, it quits changing hydrogen sulfide into its unscented partner and the outcome is a strong smell of rotten eggs from the exhaust.

Burnt antifreeze (hot and sweet)

On the off-chance that what you’re smelling is kind of ‘hot and sweet’, it’s presumably motor coolant. There are numerous ways this can happen. A pinhole leak in a coolant hose can splash radiator fluid onto a hot motor segment, which vaporizes the coolant and makes that scent. It can likewise debase oil and be burned in the motor that way.


Diesel fumes smells much stronger than the fumes from a fuel motor. You’ll additionally see that the fumes are darker, especially on large trucks with powerful diesel motors.


In the event that the exhaust smells like gas, it’s an indication that the air/fuel blend is off in the engine and a lot of fuel is being added to too little oxygen.

If you notice any of these scents coming from your exhaust, you should have the problem diagnosed at the earliest opportunity. In the event that you notice there’s a strong smell of exhaust in the cabin, you should also have this diagnosed and repaired rapidly. It’s an indication that your exhaust system is damaged. Hold the windows down to keep carbon monoxide from building up in the cabin.


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