Why does Air Coming through AC Vents Smells Bad?

What are the possible reasons for bad smelling air from AC vents in cars? Simple tips on how to prevent them

When you turn on your Car AC, you should get a stream of chilly air that cools the cabin. It shouldn’t have any perceptible smell. In case you’re smell unusual odours from the AC vents, there’s an issue.

Cause of Bad Odors

If you’re smelling a musty/rotten smell (think filthy socks), then what you’re smelling is mildew developing in the system. This is a regular car issue, and it’s for the mostly brought on by running your air conditioning system just on recycle, and not blowing the fan for a moment or two after turning off the AC and stopping the engine.

Mildew can flourish in numerous areas of your car’s AC system, however you’ll see it’s especially attached to the evaporator center and the condenser. These areas are moist and encased – the perfect habitat for microscopic organisms. While it doesn’t generally present much of a health risk, it certainly is unpleasant.

How to Prevent Bad Smells

There are a few approaches to treat this, but the best solution is not to experience it in any case. Continuously switch between outside air and recycled air to dry out the inside of your car’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. Moreover, dependably attempt to run the fan without the AC on for no less than two minutes before turning off the engine (again, this is to dry the system and abstain from making a natural surroundings helpful for mildew and mold development). The issue can likewise be dealt with by splashing a disinfectant through the outside air admissions in the engine, and in addition utilizing a foaming system cleaner (both of these should be done by an expert).

Another potential cause here is that your cabin filter(s) should be changed. The cabin channel does likewise work as the air channel in the engine, yet it’s in charge of filtering the air that advances into the cabin. After some time, the channel gets obstructed with soil, dust, and dirt. Mold and mildew can grow here also. The lodge filter(s) can be found behind the glove box, however it takes a lot of teardown to expel and replace them.

credits: yourmechanic.com

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