What does the Check Engine Warning Light mean?

What does the Check Engine Warning Light Mean?

You’re driving along and your Check Engine light lights up. Definitely not what you would like to see as you are headed to work or for an appointment. You may think as to whether you should pull over or find a mechanic immediately. One quick tip to decide on this can be indicated by whether the light is burning steady or flashing. Read on to know more.

What the Check Engine Light means

The ‘Check Engine Light’, literally communicates as ‘Service Engine Soon’ or ‘Check Powertrain’. It is hooked up to the PC diagnostics system in the vehicle, and monitors everything about the powertrain that affects the emissions system. Every issue is tied to a code, so when the warning light is lit, it can mean many different things.

Common issues indicated by the Check Engine Light

Basic issues which trigger this Light incorporates sensors and spark plug wires. It would also be a major issue when there is damage to the catalytic converter. For this situation, the light may flash rather than burn steadily. The flashing light indicates a more serious issue that should be managed immediately. The vehicle may be misfiring, which will likewise prompt a flashing light since it can harm the catalytic converter.

If the Check Engine light is on, you need it adjusted by a specialist who will read the code that goes with the problem. On the off chance that the light is flashing, don’t keep driving it. Get to your destination and make an arrangement to have your Check Engine Light examined immediately before the issue causes serious and expensive damage.


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