Use Your Car Mirrors for Safe Driving

The rearview and sideview mirrors are amongst the most important safety features in your car. Adjust your mirrors correctly to stay safe on the road.

Your car has various features for safe driving, and one important feature is the car mirrors (rear view and side view). Without a functional car rear mirror and side view mirrors, you’d not be able to drive safely in a multi-lane circumstance, or even on a two-lane highway. They provide critical visibility of cars behind and close to you. Here are a few tips for safely utilizing your mirrors.

Adjusting your mirrors for Safe Driving

The most basic thing for utilizing your car side mirror or rear mirror correctly is to ensure they’re adjusted for your height. Every driver is distinct, and you’ll have to alter all three mirrors each time someone slides in the driver’s seat.

To adjust your side mirrors correctly, follow these simple steps:

  • Ensure you’re seated effectively and can reach the wheel and pedals easily
  • Alter the side mirror outward until you can no longer observe the side of your own car
  • Have somebody stand beside and somewhat behind your field of view, approximating a vehicle in the lane beside you
  • Make sure you can see them completely
  • Repeat this for the other side

For your rearview mirror:

  • Adjust the mirror up or down, left or right, until you can see the whole of your back glass and the road behind you

Tips for safely using car mirrors

Whether you’ve had a car mirror replacement, or one of them has quite recently been knocked out of alignment, follow these simple tips for better safety:

  • Always check the view from every one of the three mirrors before getting out and about
  • Always modify every one of the three mirrors after any other person has driven the vehicle
  • And always keep your mirrors clean and in good condition

With these tips, you should be able to use your mirrors safely at all times.


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