Types of Motorcycle Headlights

Looking to change the Headlights for your Motorcycle. Read on to find if you need Projector, Reflector or Multi directional LED's based on your need.

When you ask any motorcycle owner if they are happy with the stock headlight setup, most might just say yes. But when the same is asked to an auto-enthusiast. They will tell you of ways how they plan to upgrade the headlights in one way or the other. But, then the issue arises when people simply redesign their headlight setup without considering the reality in the matter of how the setup should be.

These days however many brands are giving great quality projector headlights on the motorcycles. But still this article is for those who are looking to redesign their old headlight setup to something new and better.

There are mainly three types of Headlight systems as follows:

Reflector Headlights:

These headlights are only a tungsten filament bulb inside the housing with reflective material encompassing it. The thought behind this system is to reflect as much light as possible in the forward direction, but this does not exactly ensure the directional flow and spreading of the light.

Projector Headlights:

These headlights are special because of the housing with a lens in it. There are reflectors in it too, however the light is completely arrested by the lens which gives direction to the light. Consequently the intensity of the headlight is better. The light which is directional implies there are no chances to blind the oncoming traffic.

Multi Directional LED’s:

These headlights contain high intensity LEDs packed together to give a directional lighting pattern and also of high illumination capacity. Also they are programmable on the fly so a specific part of the light can be cut off or turned on so as to not disturb the oncoming traffic and illuminate the road better.

credits: bikesindia.org

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