Tips for Riding a Motorcycle Safely

10 Tips for Riding a Motorcycle Safely

Riding a Motorcycle can be fun, however it can also be risky. To make the most out of the experience of riding a cruiser, follow these tips for riding a bike to guarantee proper safety along with maximum enjoyment.

Riding on a Highway

  1. Gap between you and cars

Whenever riding, or even driving, it is fundamental to keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles, particularly when riding at high speeds on a highway. Use the rule of “1 second per 15 kmph,” implying that for each extra 15 kmph in speed, give enough separation between you and the vehicle in front so that it gives you one extra second to reach the same spot that the vehicle had just recently passed. So for 45 kmph, it should take you three seconds to achieve the right spot as the vehicle before. This is crucial to allow more time to brake, if essential; higher speeds require more time to come to a complete stop.

  1. Look ahead and scan beyond.

Just like on a normal business or residential street, regularly look ahead and check beyond. By checking the surrounding environment will minimize accidents. Especially with a high-speed road such as a highway, check out for potential risks early which will give you time to react in a safe manner, possibly avoiding the danger.

Riding With a Passenger

  1. No ‘hot rodding’ or showing off

Don’t show off! Doing so can be harmful, particularly when there is another passenger, as he or she may not suspect the ‘Act’ you are attempting to pull off and can end up seriously harmed. It is best to avoid any creativity.

  1. Take into consideration the extra weight

One can be an expert in controlling and riding a bike, however riding with a passenger can be an different experience than that of riding solo. Any varying weight can change the balance. Make sure to adjust accordingly.

Riding in the Rain, Wind and Cold

  1. Relax

This may look like an unreasonable tip, but it’s really useful, and it doesn’t intend to forego some other safety tips. Keep in mind to look out for any potential threats at all times, but do so while relaxed, if possible. Staying relaxed will keep your muscles from being tense and help you respond faster with a clear mind.

  1. Dress for the occasion

Of course, dress appropriately. If it is drizzling, keep in mind to wear protective clothing from the components, for example, a raincoat. Staying dry will help you feel warm as you are riding, keeping you more relaxed and attentive while on the road. As always, wear a helmet. It will secure your head, as well as help with your vision, enabling you to navigate better.

  1. Assume it is slippery

Tires on a slick road can be particularly risky. To minimize the risks of the roads in inhospitable climate, presume that it is slippery, and act correctly. By prepared for the worst, it will keep you more secure as you navigate the roads.

Riding in Traffic

  1. Assume people don’t see you

Practicing extreme caution will help you to settle on better choices that will ensure your safety. Making gestures and movements as though individuals can’t see you, for example, exaggerated hand signals, wider turns and longer braking will get you noticed and get other drivers to continue with caution too.

  1. Pay attention

No matter the condition of the road or how many vehicles are on the road, always pay attention to the road. Watching the road for conceivable threats can give you valuable time to respond in the most ideal approach to stay away from any crashes or potential dangers. It just takes a matter of seconds for an accident to occur, but a lifetime to pay the price.


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