Tips for Maintaining the Battery in Winter

Battery Maintenance in the Winter

Winters can be a bad time for the automobile battery, due to the weather conditions. It is always a quite a task to start an automobile in the mornings due to the cold air. The temperature of the cold air plays a big role in helping the air-fuel mixture achieve the right temperature needed for ignition of the air-fuel mixture. Here are a  few tips to maintain your automobile battery in the right conditions. In order to have your automobile ready for you to have a good start in the mornings in the winters.

Battery Maintenance

  • Check the battery cable is in good condition and tighten them if need. Clean the joints of battery and cable with the spray or a stiff brush
  • If your battery is not sealed, check the electrolyte level by using distilled water. If the level of the distilled water is low then you need to fill it but don’t over fill it
  • Purchase a motorbike trickle charger with a monitoring feature to keep it in a safe and good operating condition
  • Starting the charging system at least once in a month so that you will be ready to hit the road at any time.
  • If you are thinking of buying a battery to replace your inefficient battery. Purchase the one which is recommended by the manufacture of the particular model.

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