Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Oil Pump O-Ring

Common signs include a low level of engine oil, leaking oil covering other parts of the engine, and puddles of oil under the car

The lubrication that the oil in your engine gives is a fundamental part of having a smooth running engine. There are various internal parts in the engine that must be lubricated with a specific order to work appropriately. It is the job of the oil pump to ensure that the appropriate measure of oil is put into the engine. So as to keep up the perfect amount of pressure, the oil pump is sealed off with a rubber O-ring. The gaskets and O-rings that are on an oil pump will perform a very specific and important function that is imperative to the running of your engine. Any part on a vehicle that needs to do with the oil is essential and should to be checked. Having a bad oil pump O-ring can be extremely harmful to the engine if not fixed in a hurry.

When there is an issue with the O-ring, here are some of the things that you may notice:

Engine Oil level is low

Having an oil leak can wreak destruction on your engine because of the lubrication that it takes from the internal engine part. The leak can severely bring down the oil level and thus the oil pressure inside the engine. Checking the oil level in a car all the time is essential because of the warning signs it can give you when something isn’t right. On the off-chance that the oil level is low, you will need to inspect the oil pump to check whether the O-ring has been damaged.

Leaking oil covering other parts of the engine

When an oil pump O-ring starts to leak, it will usually soak other parts of the engine with oil. The oil pump is commonly behind the crank pulley which will sling oil around the engine bay. Usually, you will start to notice that there is oil everywhere throughout the timing cover and the intake manifold. Acting quickly to get this issue fixed can spare other parts of the engine from being damaged because of the leaking oil.

Puddles of oil underneath the car

Another very basic sign that you will see when the time has come to replace the oil pump O-ring is a puddle of oil under the car. Having this much oil leaking from your car can cause a lot of problems with the internal components. Finding and settling the issues that are causing this leak is important in maintaining the functionality of your engine.


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  1. Like any other sensor or switch in your engine, eventually the oil pressure sensor will have repair issues that need to be addressed . Failing to recognize the symptoms of a bad oil pressure sensor can lead to low oil levels , which can be very problematic for your engine.

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