Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Oil Pan

Common signs include puddles of oil under the car, leaks around the oil drain plug, and visible damage to the oil pan.

In order for a car’s engine to run easily, it should have the appropriate amount of oil. The oil helps to lubricate all of the moving parts of the engine and keep them cool. The oil pan is the place all of oil in a car is stored. This pan is normally made from metal or hard plastic. Without this pan, it will be difficult to keep the perfect amount of oil in your engine. The absence of oil in the engine will bring about the internal parts to have friction, which will lead to a lot of damage.

The oil pan lives under the car and can get to be damaged after some time. Having puncture or rust spots in the oil pan can lead to many issues. Generally, the signs that the oil pan need repair are quite noticeable.

1. Puddles of oil under the car

Having puddles of oil under your car is one of the primary things that you may see when the time has come to replace your oil pan. Usually, these leaks will start out rather little and will get progressively worse as time passes by and if left unattended can damage the engine. Noticing the oil leak and getting it fixed is the most ideal approach to stay away from serious damage to your car. It might be unsafe to drive with an oil leak.

2. Leaks around the oil drain plug

The oil drain plug is the thing that holds the oil in and discharges it when it is removed during an oil change. Over time, the oil drain plug will be damaged and may start to leak. The drain plug likewise contains a crush type gasket which can come up short after some time or if it isn’t replaced. If the plug is stripped out during an oil change, it might take some time to notice the hole. The best way to alter the stripped threads that the oil drain plug has brought on is by having the pan replaced. Leaving it with stripped threads will just prompt more issues down the road.

3. Visible damage to oil pan

Another sign that the oil pan on a car should be replaced is visible damage. The oil pan can be hit or imprinted when passing a low-lying part of the road. This impact damage can be a fast leak or something that starts as a dribble and steadily gets worse. If you see that the oil pan is broken, then you should get it replaced before it starts to leak. The money spent to have it replaced will be justified, despite all the trouble considering the damage it can cause.


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