Signs You Need a New Car Heater

Learn more about the four warning signs for changing the Car heater. Lukewarm air is coming out of your car heater, The car heater has a leaking interior.

With winter right around the corner, now’s the time for drivers across the country over to ensure they’re prepared with a working Car heater. The last thing you’ll need on a freezing morning is to discover you’re stuck with a cold commute. While there can be several causes for a defective heater, you should first diagnose the main indications of a bad one.

Lukewarm air is coming out of your car heater

If the air blowing out of your vehicle’s vents at the hottest setting is hardly warmer than the air outside, chances are high you have a dirty or blocked heater core. You can flush out your heater core to recover some efficiency back, or have an expert mechanic replace it wherever you are.

No air is coming through the vents of your car heater

If your vents look are similar to brick walls than passageways, the most probable reason could be that the blower engine for the HVAC system is defective. Which means that at whatever point you attempt to and change the fan speed, nothing changes. One approach to confirm the blower engine is bad is to turn on the heat and feel for residual warmth as the motor warms up. If you can’t feel anything and the motor is at full working temperature, chances are high that your heater core is not working anymore.

The car heater is not heating up fast enough

When your motor is cold and the air outside is also cool, no car will have the capacity to pump out hot air right away. While newer vehicles are quick to develop some heat, older models might require more time to circulate warm air all through the cabin. However, if it’s taking your car simply too long for warm air to come through, chances are that your heater is not doing so well. This normally implies the heater core is dirty and can’t pass enough warm air through the vents as intended from the manufacturer.

The car heater has a leaking interior

When your vehicle’s heater core goes bad, it can regularly spill, dripping condensation fluid into the interior. This regularly impacts the passenger side floor and for the most part requires replacement of the heater core itself.

These are some probable reasons, but if there is a more serious problem, please get the help of a mechanic, to prevent further damage and to ensure minimal loss.


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