Quick tips to eliminate bad odor from your car

Seven quick and smart ways to tidy up your cars in between your hurried schedule. Eliminating bad odor from your car is by day to day maintenance of the car.

7 Tips to eliminate bad odor from your car

In this modern era, people are in general, racing against time. Usually we want a quick fix for all our problems. When it comes to even refilling gas for our car, we may skip our breakfast, the most important meal of the day according to dieticians and may settle for some take-away sandwich available and invariably have the snack in the car before reporting to work. Any kind of snacking in the car, like having pizza, pop corn, coffee, chips or cakes, can leave a telltale aroma inside the car and there may be few morsels of food dirtying your seat covers and carpets and mats. Such food stains and smudges when left unattended can blotch your upholstery and the best thing would be to keep handy, some soft tissues, both dry and wet to use when ever required.

car-careCars are considered as status symbol and every owner’s pride. It is usually kept sparkling and bright.

Who would want it to be stinking whether it is rotten food smell or damp shoe smell? So in order to have a pleasant drive you need a clean air inside the car or else no amount of perfume can fix the problem. People in cities spend at a stretch more than one hour in their car to reach their destination and can fall sick if not maintained hygienically.

Here are some quick and smart ways to tidy up your cars in between your hurried schedule.

  • Always make it a habit to roll down your windows in the morning for half an hour or so as to allow trapped used air to escape outside and new fresh air to enter into the car and simultaneously cleans the foul smell of previous day’s odors inclusive of sweat smell or food odors and the like, and lets out some trapped insects, especially mosquitoes near rear seats, so it is advisable even to leave the doors also open for sometimes.
  • If you are a smoker or if any one smokes inside the car and uses the ash-tray, make sure to empty it and clean it thoroughly. Other than keeping the door open, keeping a towel dipped in a bowl of white vinegar near the ash tray will absorb the nicotine stench lingering within 15 minutes or so. Leave another bowl with wet towel on the back seat as well to clear the bad odor entirely.
  • People with toddlers be well prepared to protect your seat covers from permanent damage. Here are some preventive measures that can be adopted instead of scrubbing the tough stains. Use an additional washable sofa cover and use soft door mats on the floor mat of the car. Have some tissues handy and a disposable cover to throw junk or waste in. So if milk spills or child urinates you can remove the top cover wipe the inner leather cushion clean may be use a hair dryer for fast drying and again spray a refreshing deodorant to bring back fresh aroma.
  • For pet owners keep their pet bed cover handy so in case they are unwell and vomit or shit ,you need not clean and scrap the upholstery but ensure the car stays sanitized and germ free by using appropriate cleansing agent.
  • Whenever there is any stain like ketch up etc check your car book to know about what kind of cleaning soaps are safe to use on it. If it is gritty stain you can try using `vanish ’apply a little on a damp cloth and repeatedly rub the spot and leave it for some time and wipe again.
  • Day to day maintenance is the best remedy so is using a pleasant perfume instead of strong ones as they may trigger a headache on a hot day.
  • One health tip to remember never use old stored drinking water left in the car it can be carcinogenic.

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