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Piaggio & C. SpA is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer. It designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes two wheeled motor vehicles and compact commercial vehicles under seven brands.

About Piaggio Group

Piaggio group & C. SpA is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer. It boasts of a long standing history in Italian Industry and mobility. The company designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes two wheeled motor vehicles and compact commercial vehicles under seven brands. Piaggio group operates in over 50 countries with six research and development centers. Its subsidiaries are –

  • Scooters and Mopeds – Piaggio, Vespa, Scarabeo
  • Motorcycles, scooters and mopeds – Aprilia
  • Motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and recreational ATVs – Derbi, Gilera
  • Motorcycles – Moto Guzzi
  • Piaggio – Commercial vehicles

Piaggio Group Factories

In 1882, Enrico Piaggio opened a factory for the production of naval supplies. Two years later the company was founded by Rinaldo Piaggio and initially produced locomotives and railway carriages. The company makes its debut in aeronautical and military sector in the wake of the World War. After a series of ups and downs the company approached the world of two-wheeled vehicles. The aeronautical and motorcycle divisions split to become two independent. The motorcycle company, Piaggio &C. SpA paving the way for the birth of Italian mobility.

Piaggio group  Manufacturing plant in Baramati, Pune

From 1960s, Piaggio began to churn out highly successful products[1]

  • Ciao, the forefather of the modern moped was produced in 1967.
  • Between 1990 and 1994, Piaggio produced Sfera, the first to feature a plastic bodywork. It was followed by Hexagon, which created a milestone in the maximum scooter segment.
  • Piaggio Liberty as a highly innovative product became one of the most popular high-wheeled scooters around and the credit goes to its young and dynamic line, excellent build quality, and competitive price. A distinctive feature for its category is a great attention to detail.
  • The year 2001 saw the début of Beverly, an extraordinarily agile, reliable and safe scooter that revolutionized the market, quickly becoming the absolute leader in terms of sales in the competitive and prestigious “high wheel” sector.
  • The year 2007 saw the launch of the Piaggio HyS (Hybrid Scooter), the prototype of hybrid drive set to revolutionise urban mobility.
  • In 2012, the new Piaggio X10 – available with three modern engines (125, 350 and 500) to meet the most diverse commuting needs – made travel an everyday luxury
  • The Piaggio Mp3 produced in 2016 is a tilting three-wheeled scooter offering safety, road grip and a stability unattainable with a two-wheeled vehicle, combined with considerable power and agility, making for pure fun and maximum driving pleasure.

Piaggio products


piaggio group

  • Vespa is manufactured by Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Piaggio. Initially Vespa was produced as a single model motor scooter by Piaggio & co SpA in 1946, later it was full line of scooters and one of the seven brands owned by Piaggio.
  • In 1956 the millionth Vespa is produced, Italy sees its first mass motorised mobility. With strong cash flow from the success of the Vespa, Piaggio developed other products, including the 1957 Vespa 400, a tiny passenger car. Later in 1988, Vespa reached 10 millionth unit produced
  • From their inception, Vespa scooters have been known for their painted, pressed steel unibody which combines a complete cowling for the engine, a flat floorboard, and a prominent front fairing  into a structural unit.

Vespa products in India

  • Vespa SXL 150
  • Vespa VXL 150
  • Vespa SXL 125
  • Vespa VXL 125
  • Vespa

Vespa Scooter Commercial ad

Moto Guzzi

piaggio group

  • Moto Guzzi is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer and the oldest European manufacturer in continuous motorcycle production established in 1921 in Mandello del Lario, Italy.
  • Moto Guzzi has been a wholly owned subsidiary, and one of seven brands owned by Piaggio, Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer since 2004.
  • The company’s motorcycles are noted for their air-cooled 90° V-twin engines with a longitudinal crankshaft orientation where the engines transverse cylinder heads project prominently on either side of the motorcycle.

Moto Guzzi models in India – V9, California, MGX 21 and Stelvio


  • Aprilia is an Italian motorcycle company owned by Piaggio. The company started with manufacturing bicycles and later moved on to manufacture of scooters and small capacity motorcycles.
  • Aprilia has enjoyed considerable success in road-racing. With 294 Grand Prix races won in Road Racing World Championship, Aprilia holds the record for the most wins of any European manufacturer in the history of maximum motorcycle competition.
  • These are joined by an impressive 54 world titles: 38 in Road Racing World Championship (20 in 125 and 18 in 250), 7 in Superbike (Rider and Manufacturer double win in 2010, 2012 and 2014, manufacturers in 2013) and 9 in Off Road disciplines (7 in Supermoto and 2 in Trial). Learn more about it here.

Products of Aprillia

  1. Scooters
    1. SRV 850 ABS/ATC
    2. SR 150 Race
  2. Motorcycles


[1] http://www.piaggio.com/piaggio/INT/en/history.html

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