Yamaha YZF R15 Riders Club – Bangalore

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Yamaha YZF R15 Riders Club – Bangalore

‘Yamaha R15 Riders Club’ is an exclusive motorcycle Riders Club for riders of the sporty and stylish Yamaha YZF R15 . The group was formed on 14th January 2014, by two riders – Vikram S and Kaushal PKTheir passion for riding and love towards the YZF R15 initiated the interest in them to unite individuals who share the same enthusiasm for the Yamaha YZF R15,  a bike that is a perfect blend of styling, performance and handling.

The group that was started as a small team of two, from Bangalore, has since grown in numbers and expanded to Hyderabad and Chandigarh, with members who share the same interest and passion as the founders. They have over 250 Registered Members and 100 Active Members.

Club Motto and Culture

The club states that they do not believe in orthodox philosophy and do not have any reservations based on caste, creed, color, religion or gender. The club is an amalgamation of members from diverse cultures and professions, and unite in promoting safe riding practices to make the streets safe for other drivers and pedestrians as well. They also express the love for the city in conducting rides to spread the message. The team is open about saying this “For us riding is a passion that no stunt man can achieve that’s why we condemn the act of stunting and rash driving”

Activities from the Club

The Yamaha RZF R15 Riders Club is a close knit group, that shares ‘Brotherhood of Companionship’ , as quoted by the founders. They welcome like-minded people to ride and also enjoy the time together. They group is very active and conduct a short ride once per month and a longer ride once in 3 months.

Club Rules

Basic requirements for their Group Rides :

  1. Basic Riding Gear (Compulsory)
    1. Elbow n knee guards
    2. Thick Jacket
    3. Gloves OR Armored jacket
    4. Knee guards
    5. Shoes
  2. Should have a valid Driving License and all necessary documents of the bike
  3. NO Racing , NO Rash riding and NO show-offs
  4. Strictly follow traffic rules and also no speeding or racing will be entertained

 The group’s message:

“Present in 3 cities consisting Bangalore, Hyderabad and the newest chapter Chandigarh and with excellent response from the riders community,we are proud that Club R15 is setting up benchmarks in the field of riding with safety as we don’t encourage stunts and rash driving. We are not a perfect club but we aspire to be club that deliver’s happiness without any harm to the pedestrians and love towards the city. With all the appreciations and love we are glad to be listed in top 5 clubs in Bangalore and seek more affection from the people.We look forward to have few more chapters in different cities and spread the bikers brotherhood. “

To know more about the Yamaha motorcycle club and their activities, you can access their website here and follow their Facebook page here. To join the group, register here. Click here to learn more about Yamaha bikes origin, history and models.


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