The Roaring Pistons Bangalore (TRPB)

Roaring Through The Indian Roads

Origin of the Roaring Pistons Group

As stated by the group, “When KTM came to Indian shores there was no riding group for KTM riders. Although there were small groups and individuals riding around but there was something missing, an identity.” A few like minded people with the love for motorcycle came up with this idea of forming a group. A group to ride with, to soak in some fresh air and yeah, burn some rubber of-course. That’s when Roaring Pistons was formed in the year 2014. It all started by calling together all the KTM Owners together on a ride to one of the most loved bike ride destination in Bangalore, Nandi Hills. From there on, the group has only been growing and the members have clocked thousands of kilometers on their odometers riding to the most beautiful destinations in India.

roaring pistons

About the Roaring Pistons group

It was a group of just 50 members when it started but now it accommodates more than 300 members with an undying passion for the fearless machine. The group was established with an intention to form an independent club for KTM 200 owners but with time it has opened up the doors for other bike owners too. Anyone with a bike of 200 cc or more are welcome to join the group.

Monthly meets and more

The Roaring Pistons group organizes monthly meets to discuss future rides, upcoming events, new offerings in the market by KTM and meet and greet new members to the group. In a month, they conduct mostly three to four rides which are within a certain radius. The club rides mostly in and around the city to places like Nandi Hills, Avalabetta and Hampi. Long distance rides are conducted once in two months. Goa has been the most favourite ride for ‘Roaring Pistons’ and most of them liked the ride for its beautiful views and good roads.

Join the Roaring Pistons Group

In order to join the group you should a have a riding gear which includes a good quality helmet, shoes, knee guard and jacket (with a good arm and back support). If someone cannot afford a riding gear, a thick leather jacket and shoes are mandatory.

As stated by a group member, “I have been with the group from the beginning and it has been an amazing experience. I have met not just KTM owners but a lot of different people. I have visited many places, seen and experienced their way of life and feel that it is the best way to connect with people“.

With their smooth rides and many precautions, this group is breaking the common notion that KTM bikes are dangerous and give an uncomfortable riding experience.

You can follow the group on Facebook.

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