Leather Car Seat Covers – Types of leather

Leather seat covers are the premium and the most expensive ones. They give you a feel of luxury and offer touch of class to the car cabin.

Leather Car Seat Covers – Types of Leather, Benefits and Drawbacks

Car seats differ in style of seating, enhanced comfort and different types of material used for seat covers. Leather seat covers are the premium and the most expensive ones. They give you a feel of luxury and offer touch of class to the car cabin. Hence, people prefer leather for seat covers over other fabric. Nowadays people also prefer custom made leather car seat covers as they don’t mind paying extra money to make the car look impressive and stylish. They even prefer to decorate the car dashboard using leather.

You can easily upgrade the car seat covers to leather seat covers as more often the leather seats are offered for high end models. On some low priced cars, the cloth seat covers are the standard ones and the leather seats are not even an option. But in luxury cars, the cloth upholstery is not even offered and the only option is either leather or upgraded leather.

Even motorcycle seats are custom made of leather to enhance the class of motorcycle. Leather can be dyed into a variety of colors. Since leather is premium priced and it won’t last as long as a high quality vinyl. It is not recommended to go for a leather seat cover if your bike stays uncovered for the majority of the time.

Types of Leather

Aniline – It is a leather type which is dyed exclusively with soluble dyes. It is not covered with top coat paints or insoluble pigments and it retains the hide’s natural surface with the grain of the complete original animal’s skin structure. Aniline leather is one of the most precious finishes in leather manufacturing and only high quality leather are suitable for aniline finishing.

Semi Aniline – A light surface coating with a small amount of pigment is provided to ensure durability and it also provides consistent color and stain resistance.

Nubuck – It is top grain cattle leather which is lightly abraded on the grain surface to create a velvety finish. The Leather is similar to Suede but it is created from the other side of a hide. It has similar characteristics as Aniline leather. It is soft to touch, scratches easily and water drops darken it temporarily.

Pigmented or top coated – A polymer surface coating which contains pigments is applied to ensure durability. The surface coating also helps in resistance to scuffing and fading. It is the most durable leather used in almost all car upholstery.

Imitation– This imitation leather is made of plastic and are made to like leather. It also comes in different colors to match your car’s exterior. It is more durable than leather and is textured to appear like leather. If you don’t want to spend extra money for real leather, you can go for imitation leather.


  • Leather seats looks stylish, expensive and classy. They have more luxurious look compared to fabric ones
  • They are easy to clean and by wiping the dust or stains from leather seats makes a car cleaner. And also if you spill liquid on leather seat, you can clean it just by wiping it, as they don’t absorb water.
  • Leather has its own pleasant aroma, whereas the other car seats emit unwanted odours.
  • They harbor less allergens compared to other fabric.
  • Leather Car seat covers enhance car’s resale value.


  • They are expensive and need high maintenance
  • The seats get very hot in summer and cool during winter causing discomfort to the user. But the high quality genuine Leather seats adapts to the temperature of the surrounding and maintain the same.
  • Some people have moral issue with leather seat as they are produced by slaughtering animals.

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