How to remove Fuel Tank Rust with Cleaning Vinegar

Tips to remove Fuel Tank Rust with Cleaning Vinegar

Everyone hates a rusty fuel tank. Fuel Tank Rust is a very basic issue when it comes to old motorcycles.

If you disregard it, you can end up with a blocked carburetor (or more), which is annoying. Beside this, these little particles can’t be useful for your engine too!

Here is a simple method to remove rust from your bike with readily available products from the store:

Rusty, Bike Rusty, Car Rusty

Note: Vinegar is an acid, and Aluminum doesn’t care for acid. We know aluminum doesn’t rust, however don’t attempt to use this for cleaning your aluminum tank in any case!

Step 1: Materials needed

What you required:

  1. 8 liters of cleaning vinegar (for a 11 liter tank). The brand doesn’t matter.
  2. 3 liters of clean water
  3. Fuel hose + 6 of 8mm bolts (to close the hose)
  4. A rusty oil fuel tank

Cleaning Vinegar, Rusty Cleaning Vinegar

Step 2: Initial step

The most fuel tanks drop from their exits, similar to the fuel overflow or the place where your fuel hose went. Seal the exits of the fuel tank, from they normally overflow when fuelling, or the place where the fuel hose is inserted to fuel the bike. Seal them off with the fuel hose with the bolts you’ve recently purchased.

Pour the 8 liters of vinegar into the tank and include the 3 liters of water right up to the most extreme of the tank (leave no room)

Fuel Tank Rusty Cleaning

Close the tank and ensure it isn’t dripping liquid.

Mark when you start this procedure and you could shake the tank once in a while.

Step 3: Clearing the Tank

After few weeks it is time to clear your tank. (Some receommend doing this after a few days and some after a few week. There isn’t a standard time).

Wash your tank with clean water thereafter. Do this for around 3 – 10 times (ensure it is as clean as possible). We use hot water for the last time, to ensure the tank will dry up a bit faster.

Fuel Tank Rusty, Bike Tank Cleaning, Motorcycle Rusty Cleaning

If you are doing it the proper way, something like this would come out of your tank!!

Rusty Cleaning, Bike Tank Rusty,

This is the final result. All this rust and dirt was in your tank!!

Step 4: Final step

Thereafter you can cure your tank with a sealer or simply fill up with gasoline or oil ASAP. You would not give the rust another chance.


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