Tips on How to keep your 2-wheeler in a Good Condition

Tips on how to maintain your bike in a good condition

A bike or a 2-Wheeler is the most convenient means of commute in cities with a lot of traffic and the maintenance is relatively lower than a car. Bikes require regular maintenance for the best performance and optimum efficiency.

Tips for maintenance

Here are some points on how to take care of your motorbike and make sure it lasts many years:

  • Motorbikes need to be regularly serviced, and they could as often as once every 3 to 4 months. Get a trusted mechanic to check the engine and the condition of the tyres and body
  • Few important check points are to change the oil every 3000kms or 5000kms depending on the bike you use and the way you ride
  • Check the brake pads every 10,000kms to 15,000kms depending on the city and the way you ride the bike. When the brake pads are thinner than 2mm, they need to be changed
  • Tyres should not have any cracks, holes, tears or any wear that can put you in danger. Once if you notice that don’t wait for anything change it as soon as possible
  • Air filter of the bike should be cleaned every often. if you regularly ride on streets where there is a lot dust and dirt then ensure appropriate cleaning of the air filter. This will ensure that the fuel efficiency is better by drawing in cleaner air for combustion
  • Lubricants are also an important check point. They ensure that the parts move smoothly while the bike is in motion. Its also important that you should check fork oil of the bike regularly
  • The bike chain should be well oiled and should not be very loose. Chain is a durable part which can be unaffected if maintained well
  • Batteries have a shelf life, which need to be taken into account for. IT is essential to ensure that the battery is performing well to get the most of your vehicle. If the battery has lost its potential, it could affect the electrical parts of the vehicle, such as spark plugs

Nonetheless with having a convenience of using a two-wheeler in the city, maintaining the bike in a good condition following the regular regime of servicing, will ensure that your bike will pay back for the investment you have made. Also, if you intend to sell it in the future, it would fetch you a good price.


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