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Hero MotoCorp in India is one of the Largest motorcycle manufacturer. Since its inception in the year 1983, the company has produced many models which have made milestones within the two-wheeler industry. This article outlines the journey of the corporation and its Products as of today.

Hero MotoCorp Ltd : Introduction

A household name for two-wheelers in India is ‘Hero-Honda’ (Hero Motocorp). Today this popular brand is known as ‘Hero’. The brand had humble beginnings in the year 1983[1], when a Joint Collaboration between Honda Motor Co. Ltd of Japan, and Hero Cycle Pvt. Ltd., was signed and the ‘Hero-Honda Motors Ltd’ was incorporated.

Under this banner, the first motorcycle, the ‘CD100’ was rolled out in the year 1985. This was the first four stroke motorcycle to be introduced in India in 100 cc range[2]. The company received its technical know-how from the Japanese part of the venture. Quickly the company rose to higher production levels and newer models. By 1994, the company introduced a new model called the ‘Hero Honda Splendor’, and marked the 1 millionth bike manufactured by the company. At this stage, little did the company know how well-liked and accepted this model would turn out to be in the Indian market. Within 6 years, in the year 2000, Splendor was declared as the ‘World’s No.1’ largest selling two-wheeler model.

From this point on, the company only had success stories, with many models that came into the market such as Passion, Street, Dawn, CD Dawn, etc. In 2003, another iconic model that made a mark on the Indian consumers, ‘Karizma’ was launched. Many other motorcycle models were manufactured by Hero Motocorp, and in 2008, to cater to the scooter market, the all new ‘Pleasure’ was launched.

In the year 2010, the Honda group decided to depart from the Joint Venture. The Hero group purchased the shares from Honda and subsequently in August 2011, the company was called ‘Hero MotoCorp Limited’. The newly formed company was revealed to the world with a new corporate identity (outsourced to a London-based firm Wolff Olgins), in London, to coincide with a Cricket test match England and India. Another significant milestone for the company was the tied up with US-based Erik Buell Racing (EBR) to outsource technology to be used for its high-end bikes.

The company today has four globally standardised manufacturing facilities. Two of these are located at Gurgaon and Dharuhera in Haryana State. The state of Uttarakhand houses the third facility at Haridwar. And, the latest addition is the state-of-the-art Hero Garden Factory in Neemrana, Rajasthan.

Hero MotoCorp – Manufacturing Plant at Narsarapur, Karnataka[4]

Hero MotoCorp – Assembly Line in India[5]

Hero Honda has made a mark on the Indian two-wheeler industry, with technology from its Japanese counterpart. The era from the ‘CD-100’, which was the first four stroke motorcycle to be introduced in India in the 100cc range, to the ‘Super Splendor’ that was introduced with the ‘Honda intelligent ignition system’, Hero has always given new technology to the Indian urban and rural markets.

The company has created some of the most viral marketing campaigns in India, with catchy tunes and have gone all out to ensure that they reach their customers. The advertisements for the scooter, Pleasure, had a tagline of ‘Why should boys have all the fun?’, and appealed to the young women, to break the traditional thoughts. Some of the popular hero ads are:

‘Yaarana Meelon Ka… Presenting all new Hero Splendor’ ad by Hero motoCorp

‘Hero Pleasure: Why should boys have all the fun?’  ad by Hero MotoCorp

The popular models from Hero are:

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